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Elevate your Data Reporting with our upcoming Xporter webinar

  Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage and report your data? We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar, Xporter Power Hour: Elevate your Jira data game — a game-changer for anyone seeking to take their data reporting skills to the next level. Supercharge your productivity As a project manager, data analyst, or … Continued

How Templates enhance Data Analysis and decision-making

Making data-driven decisions is a critical skill in the dynamic product development landscape. Dealing with vast and diverse data in Jira often presents a challenge. However, the strategic use of data templates can significantly simplify this task. By offering structure and organization and enhancing data analysis and visualization efficiency, templates can pave the way for … Continued

Xporter 5.7 – What’s new

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Xporter v5.7, which brings several new features, improvements and bug fixes that will address some of the needs reported by our customers. Highlights of Xporter v5.7 includes: Template info into documents Final document name on single and bulk exports Single Export Panel Bulk/Xporter Reports Xporter Audit … Continued

Xporter Template Store

Even though our Xporter Template Store has a lot of visitors and downloads every single day, we were aware that it was quite simple and limited. We knew one day, we’d have to give you, our users, something more powerful yet still user-friendly. Well, that day has come. The new and improved Xporter Template Store … Continued