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Atlassian Shareholder Letter – Xpand IT distinguished as a “superstar partner”

By Mafalda Mendes
February 5, 2018

In its most recent Shareholder Letter, Atlassian has recognized Xpand IT as one of the most important players in its Marketplace.

We first got in contact with Atlassian in 2004 and since then, we have been the first and the only Atlassian expert in Portugal. After years of working with Jira, Confluence and other apps, it started to grow in us the motivation of developing our own products. So, the Xpand Add-Ons Team was born as a division of Xpand IT! Right now, we have two of the top-selling and top-rated Jira apps in the Atlassian Marketplace: Xporter and Xray. What first seemed impossible turned improbable, and soon become inevitable. In 2017, our company reached the highest level of certification: Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

According to Atlassian data presented at the beginning of this year, the Marketplace offers more than 3500 apps and has generated more than $350 million since its implementation in 2012.

The success of the Atlassian Marketplace has enabled numerous companies to grow significantly…and we were no exception. Referred by Atlassian as a “super-star” partner, we now have 4000 customers, including Tesla, Boeing, Intel, Nike and Walmart.

Xpand IT deeply appreciates not only this special mention, but also the tremendous support from Atlassian. Together with them, we renew our commitment to develop products of excellence and to continue on the path of enhancing the name of both companies.

Thank you so much, Atlassian!

“Atlassian apps have grown to become a multi-million dollar business for Xpand IT, and they expect to see continued exponential growth for the foreseeable future”
– Atlassian – Quarterly Shareholder Letter

If you got curious, you can read the full Shareholder Letter here.


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