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New Xporter 5.2 – Sneak Peek

We are about to release Xporter v5.2, a minor release focused on some new features, improvements and bugs that will address some of the needs you have been reporting to us. With Xporter v5.2, you will find: Export Gliffy diagrams Configure Attachment export feature at the Template level Text Editor for the Send E-mail Post … Continued

When Xporter meets Xray

One of Xporter for JIRA major assets is to listen to our client’s needs and requests, as well as how other add-ons are evolving. When Xray for JIRA 2.2 came out, we started working to leverage those features on Xporter.   Why reviewing the Report Templates?   Xray 2.2 brought the opportunity to work more intuitively to define and … Continued

Xporter – Integration with Structure

Sneak peek of Integration with Structure Before we get into details about the integration, let’s talk a bit about Structure. If you already know this plugin, you can move to the next section. Structure is a very well-known add-on that allows the customers to organise issues into hierarchies of any depths, so you can plan … Continued

Get official training with Xporter Academy

Understand the power of Xporter with online Xporter Academy To be a master at doing something, you need to practice and we’re happy to help you with that. If you want to better understand the power of Xporter, now it’s easier thanks to the new feature Xporter Academy. Xporter Academy was created to help customers understand … Continued

JIRA Service Desk integrates Xporter 5.0

Xporter has JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal integration Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be great if our customers had the ability to get their reports printed on documents?” It’s time to provide this possibility and that’s why we included this awesome feature in Xporter 5.0! The Xporter team proudly announces the JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal … Continued