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Farewell Barcelona! See you in San Jose…

By Shahid Latif
May 12, 2017

Yes, Barcelona was great! What an Atlassian Summit, with major news from Atlassian in all areas, an interested crowd during the event and we had a blast with a team being what knows best: Excel its boundaries every single day!


To sum up, this was our feeling of Atlassian Summit in Barcelona during the first week of May. We had the opportunity to challenge our team to visit and present our products, Xray and Xporter, in the Summit Expo.


3 things we learned and loved from the Summit

  1. A strength of the Team focus!
    Atlassian solutions are all about collaboration! And we could see the reinforcement of this message during the Keynote and sessions.
  2. The new design!
    We had the privilege to see in first hand the new look and feel of all Atlassian products, and honestly, it will be a game changer. Focused on a unique and unified structure that will make users life easier in their daily work. Also, this design is the ultimate step for responsive platforms that can be used in any device, anywhere, by anyone.
  3. Our Add-Ons are cool and a success story!
    Yes, we’re so proud to be mentioned and presented by Scott Farquhar, Atlassian CEO,  as a success story in the Developers Atlassian community. This recognition was received by Xpand Add-ons team, as another milestone of our work, and also a motivation to keep working hard to bring you the best add-ons in the Marketplace.


3 Ideas we can leave for those who didn’t go

  1. DevOps is the Thing!
    If you ask us what was the hot word in the Summit, in a no time everyone will say DevOps. A major focus is in DevOps as the next step for Atlassian development and end users. What will be the challenges we can see from it? We’ll see even more development on the flow, and even more need of liable test management solutions, such as Xray; as well as, easy, simple and intuitive reporting based on extracted data from JIRA, something you only can get with Xporter.
  2. Monitor your team health and play as one
    As being a team and work as a team is a goal that everyone wants to achieve, Atlassian developed an area to support its partners and clients to understand the needs and set feasible actions to make teams work as one. During this Atlassian Summit, this was one of the hot topics and you can check it in Atlassian website.
  3. Besides Collaboration, Atlassian is a Community
    A team only can feel as a team when the sense of community exists. So Atlassian also launched its community where everyone can register and learn even more about the products, ask for an opinion in how to solve tasks and other issues it might have, in a truly community spirit. We’re eager to support the entire community as much as we can.


Extra tip: Life just have some meaning when you give something in return

Scott Farquhar, Atlassian CEO emphasize during his keynote speech the need of giving on return. The Pledge 1% Foundation had its spotlight during all Atlassian Summit, from the merchandising to the Keynote speech. Everyone was sensitive to the impact the foundation is already doing in thousands of lives.


And us? What did we’ve done during the Summit?

Demos, demos, and more demos! Our booth didn’t stop for a minute, the team was on fire showing to clients and partners how our add-ons can make their lives easier.  If you didn’t have the chance to know them, give it a try now.


So, what’s next?

Easy, you can reach us anytime you want, by evaluating our products Xray or Xporter, or you can register in one of our regular webinars.

Also, you can count on us in the next Atlassian Summit in September in the US, San Jose, during September 12-14. We’ll be waiting for you in our booth.


See you in San José!


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