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Create your Xporter Scheduled Reports

Would you like to receive e-mail notifications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with a specific content related with your Project? With Xporter 5.0 you can set up schedule reports in less than 1 minute. In this post we’ll play a little with this Xporter feature but you can also read more about it in this … Continued

Get official training with Xporter Academy

Understand the power of Xporter with online Xporter Academy To be a master at doing something, you need to practice and we’re happy to help you with that. If you want to better understand the power of Xporter, now it’s easier thanks to the new feature Xporter Academy. Xporter Academy was created to help customers understand … Continued

JIRA Service Desk integrates Xporter 5.0

Xporter has JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal integration Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be great if our customers had the ability to get their reports printed on documents?” It’s time to provide this possibility and that’s why we included this awesome feature in Xporter 5.0! The Xporter team proudly announces the JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal … Continued

Xporter 5.0 brings autonomous reports

A new way to get documents generated! In the previous versions of Xporter, if you had a template to iterate over issues returned by a JQL (for clause), you had to export the template from a Single/Multi Issue. In order to solve this situation we developed autonomous reports: Xporter Reports.   What are Xporter Reports? Xporter … Continued

Xporter v5.0 – Template Scopes Feature

Add scopes to your templates for a better organization The new Xporter v5.0 brings improvements in performance, organization and integrations and, we want to guide you through it all. That’s why we’ll be talking about its features in a series of articles, so you can get the most out of this new version. One of these … Continued

Xporter for JIRA 5.0 release is almost here!

12 new features that you will find in Xporter 5.0 We are proud to announce that Xporter v5.0 is coming this February and you can count on new features that we believe will be useful for users. Being able to schedule reports or connecting your customer with Service Desk tickets are just some of the … Continued