This process used to take hours and days but now we can generate reports on demand that can be instantly published for approval
– Panos Boudouvas, Co-founder & CEO ZenQMS

About ZenQMS

ZenQMS provides a cloud-based electronic quality management system (eQMS) to clients in the life science and pharmaceutical areas. They are a lean and customer-centric organization, helping businesses to manage their document lifecycle by transitioning from manual, paper and Excel-based systems to automated electronic systems.


The Challenge

ZenQMS relies on Jira to log many components of their user and functional requirements, as well as critical regulatory checklists linked to both. Besides, the company also uses the system for bug reporting.

Regarding documentation, their document bundles run into the hundreds of pages, with heavy use of rich text formatting (HTML- edited content) and pictures — lots of pictures. Basically, they needed to improve their reporting capabilities by addressing all the needs mentioned above.


The Solution

In effect, generating professional reports without Xporter was impossible. The flexibility to build XML-based Word document reporting templates that pull directly from Jira was a revelation to ZenQMS.



For them, this process used to take hours and even days but now they can generate reports on demand that can be instantly published for approval.

On top of this, ZenQMS is satisfied with the responsive helpdesk of Xporter team. Not only they love the product but also recommend it for reporting out of Jira.



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