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Product highlights: Atlassian Summit 2017

By Shahid Latif
September 21, 2017

This year’s Summit was marked by a lot of changes and Atlassian focused on the concept of teamwork with the new updates and releases. If you weren’t able to attend the event or watch it live on your computer, let us share some of the major ones right here.

What stood out? Easy communication between teams and cloud options. Since the European Summit, the cloud was becoming a big issue in the Atlassian world. More customers in the cloud are demanding more options and greater security.

But first, we need to comment on the new Atlassian logo. We’re sad to see the old and iconic one go, but we love the concept behind the new one. It’s memorable, for sure!

atlassian logo


Stride: Redefining Communication

Released some days before the US Summit and only available in the Cloud, Stride exists along with Hipchat. What are you able to do?

  • Bring everyone together with built-in voice and video meetings: Take any discussion from keyboard to camera in a second. Use one-on-one video, voice calling, screen sharing, and remote-control access across all of your devices. Also, easily add another person to the call.
  • Turn conversations into action: Mark any message as an Action or Decision. All Actions and Decisions live tidily in your sidebar, accessible anytime without getting lost in your message history.
  • Turn on Focus Mode: Stride encourages you to unplug from external confusion. Mute all your notifications and incoming messages to let your team know you’re heads down for a while.


Trello Board for Bitbucket Cloud

Trello came in big, not only with its features, but with its potentiality. The much-awaited release shined during the Product Keynote on September 13th and it’s the exponent of “team work”.

Why? Trello and Bitbucket is the union of easy project planning and now code collaboration. Work and code fast and in a flexible way with boards in Bitbucket cloud across all teams. Now, teams have one place to plan, track and deploy to the client.

bitbucket trello card


Identity Manager

The Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud meets the security needs of cloud users by providing SAML single sign-on for identity management, with a two-step verification, advanced password rules and also has priority cloud support.


Embedded Portal in Jira Service Desk

Users can now easily initiate a Jira Service Desk request, report a bug or submit product feedback from within the web page they are already in, instead of having to navigate away from it.

Those customer requests can then be triaged and piped right back into the software team’s backlog for speedy resolution through native integrations between Jira Service Desk and Jira Software.

customer portal jira service desk

No need to download or install anything; the widget is already waiting in your service desk project


Jira Software Data Center for Azure

With a collaboration with Microsoft Azure, customers can now deploy Jira Software Data Center through a conjointly developed customized template. They can also get the benefits of high availability, disaster recovery and performance at scale with the deployment option that best fits their needs.


Updates in Portfolio for Jira

To increase software development visibility across the organization and ensure that business objectives are met as the organization scales, there are two updates:

Programs offers a view of multiple plans to help track the status and progress of high-level business priorities.

Dependencies report shows dependencies across multiple teams and projects within a single view in real time, giving teams the ability to mitigate risks and remove blockages.


Don’t miss anything that happened in the Atlassian Summit US 2017!

Watch the Session here.
Atlassian says there’s more coming soon, so better to keep your eyes wide open!


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