Even though our Xporter Template Store has a lot of visitors and downloads every single day, we were aware that it was quite simple and limited. We knew one day, we’d have to give you, our users, something more powerful yet still user-friendly.

Well, that day has come. The new and improved Xporter Template Store is out! Now, it’s easier for you to find the template that suits your needs and is available right in our website.

old Xporter Template Store


  • The new version has new filters, including multi-choice filters (aka Atlassian Marketplace). You can filter by category, template scopes and search by keyword.

new Xporter Template Store1

new Xporter Template Store2

  • Templates are now versioned, so, you can download a previous version of a template, if needed. As the Xporter solution expands, we need to update our templates to keep them working, as some functions or fields might have been added, changed or removed.
  • As with any Xpand product, it’s intuitive: just search for the template that you need, click on it, download, and it is ready to be used. Unlike in Jira where templates are only available to Jira administrators, the Xporter templates can be accessed by every team member.


Save time and check out our new and improved Xporter Template Store. Pick out templates and customize them for your needs.

new xporter template store3


As always, let us know how you like it. Your feedback is always welcome.




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