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Save Time & Automate Your Reports with Xporter’s Word & Excel Add-ins

By Tonislava Docheva
April 4, 2019

How much time have you spent making complicated reports that no one reads? With the new Xporter Add-ins for Word and Excel, you can build beautiful, custom reports from Jira, in under 3 minutes.

Choose from over 45+ templates, then add custom fields to communicate the most valuable information in a simple and precise way. Go one step further and use the validation tool to catch errors and make your document foolproof.
Our powerful add-ins will automate your workflow, helping you build clear, easy-to-read reports, every time.

The add-ins are both available in the Microsoft Office Store or you can install them directly from your Microsoft app.

Let’s dive into the key benefits of the Add-ins:

Save time with ready to use templates & snippets

Building reports shouldn’t take over your life. That’s why the add-ins are optimized to help you create reports in a fast, easy and robust way. Choose from over 45+ templates, from a Feature Request to an Issue Details Report, right at your fingertips.
Start your reporting journey with the Issue Details Report Template, and customize it to your team’s needs. Then, insert fields, functions, and iterations directly from the snippets section. Search for functions like “comments” or “issue dates,” to build a report that has the most valuable information you want to convey.


Creating valuable reports is as easy as this, but reporting is so much more than the passing of information.

Supercharge your reports with powerful calculations

Use the Xporter add-in for Excel to optimize your Excel app with over 120 snippet fields to choose from. Select information from your Jira and use it to perform calculations directly on the report. Valuable reporting conveys much more than information, its purpose is to extract data and communicate it to others.

By combining the power of Excel and the add-ins you can create customized reports with relevent data and calculations, making truly impact-driven reporting.

Leave the coding to the developers and build reports with over 120 snippet fields to choose from. Snippets are organized by categories (Mappings, Iterations, Conditional Blocks, and Functions) so you know exactly what you should be building, and how.


Once you’ve built and customized your report, you want to make sure it’s foolproof.

Create error-free reports with one-click validation

Have you ever spent an unprecedented amount of time looking for a tiny mistake in your document? 4 hours later and a giant cup of coffee, you finally spot the mistake. Errors happen, but they should also be easy to find and fix. That’s exactly what you can do with the “validate” feature in both add-ins.

With one click, the add-ins will scan your report and highlight errors in red, directly on your document. This way, you can make sure the information you’re building is error-proof and automated, every time.

To validate errors, Click the Validate icon to perform a verification of the spreadsheet. Incorrect fields are highlighted in red and double-underlined.


But finally, reports are only as meaningful as the people they’re shared with.

Expand the reach of Jira

By creating clear and customized reports, you make it easier for others to understand and process the information you’re sharing. In many cases, data from Jira is only available to a select few people, but with the add-ins for Word and Excel, you can really expand the reach of Jira, passing on valuable information to your colleagues.

Also, with clear reports, the value and impact of your team’s work will shine as stakeholders will be able to understand the work that you are doing. More clear reports mean better communication with external parties, but what about your team?

When you present information in the right way, you can use it to motivate your team and improve performance. Send out a progress report every week, or have a meeting to discuss your findings – when you make it easy for your team to process data, they’re that much more likely to have actionable takeaways.

Ultimately, the value of your reports is in your hands

Reporting shouldn’t just be a function of your work that is tedious, takes time and isn’t noticed. We built the Xporter Add-ins for Word and Excel so you can improve the value of your reporting and really maximize the way you communicate. But we also didn’t want to complicate your work, that’s why the add-ins have customizable templates, snippet fields, and validate functions, that will guarantee you quick reports, every time.

Ready to get started? Download the Add-ins now in the Microsoft Office Store, or directly in your Word and Excel applications.


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